racked.com's photo of jor-jeggingsIf we actually see you in any of these, we will have to disown you.  Still, inquiring minds want to know.

JORTS. Actually, these are just jean shorts.  Experiencing quite the renaissance this summer.  Fine for any girl under 40 and under 140 lbs. in our view.  Not fine at all for any hetero-man, any woman over 50 and any of you carrying some junk in the trunk.

JOR-JEGGINGS.  Jorts + Jeggings.  So, faux denim leggings that are short.  Here’s what our friends at racked.com wrote about this appalling idea: “Imagine bike shorts. Now change the fabric from spandex to a stretchy cotton with a trompe l’oeil jean pattern. Now wear them to brunch.”

jweats elie tarari s/s/11

JWEATS. Kid you not.  Loose, sweatpant style jeans.  Jeans + sweats.  These are a legit fashion alternative, unlike the massively unappealing Pajama Jeans.  (read what our girl Lolais40.com has to say about the PJJs).   Alexander Wang and Rag and Bone showed Jweats for spring/summer 2011.  Diesel calls theirs “Jogg Jeans” and sells them for $195.  J. Brand has apparently also jumped on the jweat wagon.  We have only seen them in the blog-o-sphere, so they may be mythical.


For even more denim disasters, check out this article on TheFrisky.com.  Jean-U-Ine fun.