All I can say is WHEW.  Once we finally found the JCrew Clearance Store in Arden NC, we were astonished at the amount of clothing on sale.  And the prices.  Which were an extra 20% off, not marked but with a coupon.

This is not the sale for everyone.  It wasn’t even the sale for me.  Although several of my friends managed, with a bit of grumbling, to snag a dozen or more pieces for less than $10 each.

You can see from the photo, it a big warehouse filled with box after box of clothing.  Not ordered in ANY way by size, season, condition, price.  Just boxes to dig through relentlessly and endlessly.   (Except the formal gowns, which were hung on racks.  And a very paltry jewelry selection on a table near checkout along with a box of about 4,000 headbands).

But my, oh my, if you like to dig for your bargains, this is SUCH a trip.  The clothing is primarily sample sizes along with some damaged pieces and some from prior seasons.  Mostly small Ladies sizes (2-6).   Almost all of the men’s pieces were in Men’s Small or Men’s Size 32 and the selection in this men’s size was phenomenal.  And lots and lots of little kids clothing from CrewCuts, in sizes 2-6.

For an idea of the prices, kids pieces ranged from $5 to $10 each.  Ladies and Men’s same prices – $10-$15 for pants, $5-10 shirts, $20 dresses ($30-$50 formal & wedding gowns), $10-$30 sweaters, $20-$30 blazers, $40-$50 winter coats. Everything was an extra 20% off.  Most items were in good condition altho many had to be checked for black indelible marking as well as cut outs.

This warehouse-type sale is held ONCE PER MONTH.  There is also a BIGGER, “BETTER” warehouse sale here twice a year, usually August and December but exact months/dates TBD.  The JCrew Clearance store is also at this location.  It is open all the time with mostly this season sale items.  Great buys, not as deeply discounted but so much more pleasant to shop.  And with the discount for 20% off, some very good prices.  The pics below are of the Clearance store, NOT the warehouse sale.