Fashion Do’s and Don’ts from Tim Gunn

karolina-298Tim Gunn hosted a Summer Fashion Show to a packed house Saturday at Southpark, answering questions from the crowd and charming his way through dozens AND dozens of photo’s with happy fans.   Affable and honest, Mr. Gunn walked us through a range of summer fashions by Juicy Couture, Kate Spade and Lucky Brand Jeans, giving style pointers and practical styling advice throughout the show.   While the fashions themselves weren’t anything you can’t see in the stores (and that was the point) the commentary and tips were fun, fresh and  entertaining, and the Kate Spade shoes were drool-worthy.

greece-360-onlineAs you may know, I had a chance to chat briefly with the veeerrrrry approachable, charming and downright dishy Tim Gunn before the show. We talked briefly about how the economy has affected promotional pricing — that is, now-a-days almost anything you want to buy will eventually go on sale, and that it is hard to buy something at reg price.  (Tim confessed that he just bought a Zegna suit, reg price $2,200, for $600.  He couldn’t pass up that kind of quality and that kind of price).  (I confessed, welcome to my closet).  It’s a hard habit to break, for the consumer and the stores.

grecian-340-onlineThen we talked fashion trends for a bit, and Tim Gunn’s counsel there is…..don’t succumb.  He thinks there is so much out there, and it’s all moving in and out of style at warp-speed.  Just wear what works best on you, for your lifestyle, body type and age.   His suggestion for you to look current is to pick out bits and pieces of the trends, particularly in your accessories, and update your classics.  A new color, a new print, a new shoe.  Forget trying to keep up with the trends and the constantly changing messages about what’s hot & what’s not.  Literally, work with what you’ve got.

Finally, I asked for a thumbs up / thumbs down on a few trends, old and new.  It seems I picked mostly thumbs down things….
Leggings? Thumbs down.  He loathes them.
French Manicures? Thumb sort of down.  Been done.
The Pashmina shawl? Ok, but prefers a more unique wrap if you can find one.
Uggs.  Major thumbs down.  And don’t get him going on Crocs.
The Snookie hair bumps.  Pullease.  Need we ask?  Down girl.
Over the Knee Boots if you are Over 40:  Thumbs up if you have the bod.  He’s seen it done quite well.  I asked this cuz these are big again this fall/winter.
Suits in Matching Colors: Thumbs down.  But not, of course, black/navy/neutral suits.  We’re talking skirt and/or pants suits in colors.  You know who you are.  Channeling Dana Carvey’s church lady.
Stockings. Thumbs down on nude pantyhose.  Not that any of you wear those.  Except with your matching church lady suits.

And what is the one thing that screams out of fashion and matronly?
Hemline.  Skirt length is key for Tim Gunn, and it’s all about the knee cap.  Anything below the knee is likely to be unflattering.  As for the mini, not unless you’re young with a young set of legs (and ladies, this is about youthful skin as well as muscle tone.).   Tim Gunn swears by a skirt that hits somewhere just above the knee.  Exactly where depends on your legs and the skirt, but anywhere from just above to a few inches above.


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