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6-Pack or Not, Why You Need a Strong Core.

Here's some of the hottest scoop you'll read this summer: 6-pack or not, a strong core is essential.  Even though the paparazzi love to catch those unflattering belly shots while celebs frolic on the beach and lounge by the pool,  it's more important to show 'em...

What do Charlotte’s Fitness Buffs Have for Breakfast?

Well, it sure isn't Captain Crunch. We polled our favorite studio instructors for what they start out the day with, and not surprisingly, there are definite themes running through their Power Breakfasts: Protein, protein, more protein Smoothies Almond Milk & Almond Butter Fruit Flaxseed Greens Here's hoping these tips, tricks & recipes...

For the Love of Running – advice and tips on Long-Distance training.

Running offers the ultimate work-out.  Building cardiovascular health, strengthening and toning muscles, adding to your emotional health, burning fat & calories and even the social aspects drive those of us who carve out time for running.  It's got to be the easiest exercise to...

Our guide to running. Shoes, Tips, Races & more.

Summer is almost here, and many of us are heading out to hit the pavement or trails with one last ditch effort to run off that winter weight and enjoy the glorious weather. We've worked with our client OrthoCarolina to compile this post with everything...

Tone Your Abs at Work: The Stability Ball Chair

Wouldn’t it be great if you could work your abs while sitting at your desk? With summer coming up, many of us are hitting the gym before the office and doubling up on weekend workouts. You’ve probably used the stability ball at the gym,...

5 Easy Things to do each day to Strengthen Your Core

Even if you are enviably toned everywhere else, it is not uncommon to feel less than confident when it comes to your tummy. Blame hormones or babies or genetics. Regardless, many of us work hard for a crop-top-worthy midriff and rarely feel like we reach our goal. To...

Is there life after Lululemon?

With the recent opening of Athleta at Southpark giving popular brand Lululemon a run for their money, we got to wondering what other fitness apparel options were available to help us mix up our yoga/spin/barre/run gear. We talked to some local fitness experts at...

Orthocarolina explains female soccer Injuries and causes in kids & older athletes

With warmer weather upon us, soccer season is in full swing. Help keep your kids and teens on the field and out of the doctor's office with this insight on female soccer injuries from former professional soccer player and PA-C Andy Hylton of OrthoCarolina. Scoop:...

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