“80% of domestic spending is done by women, 80% of commerce happens locally and 80% of considered purchases are driven by influencers.”


Referrals and Quotes from Our Clients*


Hey ladies. We’ve gotten more calls from the scoops charlotte article than anything else we’ve done……it’s clearly a better vehicle for us than traditional print ads……Mark Weintraub, owner TapSnap Phototainment

Hi Ladies, I knew you would all enjoy this as much as I just did. I just had a lady call from Plaino, TX. Who, while searching for rugs online, saw a rug that we Featured in our “How to Decorate a Dorm Room” article this summer. She just purchased over the phone!…Faith P. Charlotte decor store.

I am delighted to say that Flywheel Charlotte has seen a great increase in our class size since partnering with Scoop. The article was such a great feature on our cycling and FlyBarre classes. It definitely sent a buzz throughout the fitness community of Charlotte! Scoop Charlotte is definitely the place to be for great South Charlotte promotion….Carrie K, Regional Manager, Flywheel Sports Charlotte

We had a great response to the first posting and our very, very first customer who told us she found us on Scoop was a $1500 sale!! Whoop whoop!………………Erin C. Marketing Director

I’m a huge fan and it’s the only paid advertising that **** will be using……It’s a kind of style blog + ad combo…… Pretty much all my favorite places in Charlotte are part of it, and I love the emails I get from them……….. Franchise Owner/Operator

We have found Scoop Charlotte to be an effective marketing tool, particularly for our ladies’ accessories. They featured our stack bracelets in one article and we were nearly sold out a few days later!…………Anne W. Store Manager

What a success. Thank you so much for all your hard work. I had two of my largest sale days!!!!! I’m looking forward to the next event….Beverly S. Owner

Susu – Our website traffic doubled yesterday – maybe because of the nice piece you did….Lisa G., Marketing Director

Your email worked its magic! People have been calling non-stop. You’ve got quite a base of subscribers…Kristin J.

We just can’t say enough about what you’ve done for our business! In an age where print media is basically extinct, we really were not sure how we were going reach our customer base….then we found Scoop Charlotte! With careful attention to each of their clients and personal interaction between their writers and the business, they make sure that if it’s hot in your store then it’s hot on their posts! Not only has Scoop helped us reach out to our existing customers but has brought so many new and wonderful faces into our shop. ……..Susan S. co-owner

As the marketing director for ******** I try to utilize all media to advertise the store. Most are extremely costly and as a small family owned business I must be sure my decisions are accurate and cost effective. SCOOP CHARLOTTE allowed me to showcase the store on a new platform with a new audience and give great information on a more personal level. Our Facebook fan page kept growing every time we were featured. I’ve never had such quick results in anything else I’ve done. I’m thrilled to work with SCOOP. ……..Beverly P. Marketing Director

It was a GREAT turnout!! We had 50 give aways with purchase, and they were all given out within an hour and a half! The store was packed. ……..Megan O. Owner

This thing has been such a hit I would love for us all to do another similar sale sometime…I have had many new customers. ……..Laura J. Owner

Whoa! I just bought a $345 dress for $50 from **** I did not even know this little jewel of a store was in Charlotte until I got this email! I have found 3 of my favorite stores through your weekly emails. …….Melanie C. Reader