VIBE5 Yoga and Fitness

VIBE5 (pronounced *vibes*) Yoga + Fitness Studio, located in the Morrison Shops, gets its name from five areas of focus: yoga, cardio, strength training, youth programs, and corporate and community. And don’t forget the cool music vibe they have.

Let’s start with yoga; VIBE5 has a large variety of classes from Hot Yoga, Hip Hop Yoga, Cool Vibes with uplifitng music and New Vibe for full body yoga. Moving on to Strength classes that combine yoga with weights and TRX strength training for in their words, a kick-asana workout.

The Chakti VIBE5 class caught our eye too, it’s an energetic and cathartic cardio-yoga experience. The class is heart-opening and body-strengthening and will move freely between Kundalini foundations and HIIT.

VIBE5’s youth programs are cool and unique too. Guru Girls Yoga Founder, Margot Brinley, offers “Lessons from the Mat” a yoga-based program that empowers young girls through mindfulness, yoga and fun. Trifecta Athletics founder Eric Johnson, a former NFL player, has partnered with VIBE5 to offer a youth workshop program specifically aimed at young athletes.

Scoop tip: The NEW VIBE5 class is great for newbies or those wanting to reconnect with their yoga mat. Start there and move into the other VIBE5 offerings!  

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