The Furniture Connector

For the past 15 years, THE FURNITURE CONNECTOR has been Charlotte’s go-to destination for eclectic home goods at affordable prices. Tucked in a corner of historic SouthEnd, TFC is a 7,900-square-foot warehouse wonderland of well priced sofas, dining tables and chairs, armoires, ottomans, lighting, beds, artwork and more.

The store is a reflection of its owner, Rodney Hines, a fun-loving, high-energy Southerner who loves people, fine furnishings and his dog, Scrappy, with equal passion. Rodney and his crew of talented designers at TFC believe in the balance of highs and lows. They live by the idea that you can be both modern and traditional, timeless and trendy, rule breakers and rule followers, serious about style and have a serious sense of humor.  

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