JP Charlotte

A distinct American approach featuring Brick Fired steaks, burgers and flat breads, infusing local ingredients and seasonal produce.

Enjoy outdoor patio dining or grab a craft cocktail at the Soco Bar

About our Chef

For Chef Lenny Judice, the art of cooking has always been second nature to him. As a young boy he was purchasing fresh products from local farmers to use in his grandmothers kitchen in the Dominican Republic. He also grew up watching and learning in his mother’s restaurant in Puerto Rico.

Lenny’s professional culinary career began as a baker’s apprentice and pastry chef in South Florida. Shortly after, Lenny attended Johnson & Wales University to obtain his culinary degree. He has worked with some of the most renowned chefs during his time in South Florida including James Beard Award winners Chef Michael Schwartz, Chef Christian DeLouvrier and Chef Allen Susser.  

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