Fiber-Seal of Charlotte

Fiber-Seal of Charlotte

4100 Carmel Road, Suite B#197, Charlotte NC 28226


You’ve searched for the perfect fabrics for your home and finally invested in grown up furniture, now you are ready to show it off to your friends and neighbors. Before you send the invitations out, be sure to call Fiber-Seal of Charlotte first. If you want to enjoy the party and not worry about the red wine getting on the couch, invest in having your pieces treated with the Fiber-Seal fabric care system.

The Fabric Care System helps care for all the soft surfaces in your home, including wall-to-wall carpeting, area rugs, upholstered furniture, wallcoverings, and draperies. Once the interior has been protected with Fiber-Seal’s fabric treatment products, spots and spills are an easier clean-up, which helps prevent staining. Plus, when you invest in having your furnishings protected by Fiber-Seal of Charlotte, they treat any subsequent stains FREE for a year.

They offer a complimentary consultation to determine what you need for your home and offer services for leather pieces and exotic rugs.

Why Fiber-Seal?

At Fiber-Seal of Charlotte, we get calls weekly from stressed out customers who purchased stain protection from the manufacturer when they bought their furniture, but are desperate for local service for an emergency spill. They then have to shell out even more money for our stain removal expertise. So why pay twice for expert fabric protection???

Fiber-Seal vs. Manufacturer’s Fabric Protection: 5 Things to Consider

1. We don’t have an 800# with a long waiting time.

2. We don’t force you to fill out a form in order to get service.

3. We don’t send a sub-contractor to do our spot removal.

4. We don’t limit our liability to receiving your call within 3-5 days of the stain happening.

5. We don’t have just one stain removal product like most companies, which can often be too harsh or change the appearance of delicate fabrics.

Fiber-Seal of Charlotte is a local fabric protection service with highly skilled technicians, plus we have a family of products customized for different fabrics and stains.

When you invest in having your furnishings protected by us, we treat any subsequent stains FREE for a year. That’s local service, on-call, for you, as often as needed, FREE, for a year!

Call Fiber-Seal of Charlotte. We’re FABRIC PROTECTION for REAL LIFE.