Charlotte’s style has been evolving — we’ve gained sophistication and it’s trickling down…not just in our personal style but in how we dress our homes. We blend shiplap with the traditional. We style a stack of coffee table books with an antique Chinoise orchid planter.

And we are here for it. Well, if you can find it.  Have you seen how much those blue & white vases are? There’s a secret to the madness.

Here are some of my favorite places to score the stuff.  The good stuff.  Gold mirrors. Bamboo trays.  Thin gold wall frames.  Caned backed chairs.  Art.  All the art. Now, you will have to visit and revisit.  Keep focused and with patience you will score some incredible finds.  It’s truly the thrill of the hunt.

Take a friend — we never hunt alone! Now go — we’ll probably see you there:


Value Village – Davidson

There are at least 8 of these gems in Charlotte but the Davidson location seems to be wild with finds lately:

Source: Instagram



Which view is better? The mirror or Uptown – both are perfection.  The mirror was a Goodwill find. The view is a bit more.

Source: Instagram


Sleepy Poet

If you’ve been in Charlotte more than a month-a-half you have probably already heard about Sleepy Poet.  Maybe even wandered around a time or two.  It can be overwhelming — in a fabulous way.  Go again — this time with the goal of not finding anything.  Because then you will find all the things. Happens every time.

Source: Instagram


Slate Interiors

Only have an afternoon?  Head here for all the pretty things:

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Mid Century Salvage

Ever wonder where the designers get the clean-line vibe?  Check it:




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Catawba River Antique Mall

Just a few minutes from Uptown, Belmont’s the home of Catawba River Antique Mall – just look at of all those booths full of things we need:

Source: Website


Classic Attic

Consignment at its best.  The Classic Attic is tucked next to Amelie’s at Park Road Shopping Center. Grab a coffee and check it out:

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