How to Incorporate Art Into Your Home + Some Art in Stores Now

Art is sometimes tricky to incorporate into your home. Should you buy what you love or what “goes with” your home? What sort of piece would complete your room? How high do you hang it? How big should it be? Well lucky for you we have some tips and places to score the affordable art in the Queen City.

Lauren Clements of Lauren Nicole Design shares her best advice in these simple 5 tips:

1.  Select art that is an inspiration point/focal point for your room design.  Your art should reflect the feeling and the colors used in the room.

2.  Determine the space you have to work within.  A good rule of thumb is to fill 2/3 – 3/4 of the space.  Remember – bigger is better.  Select pieces that are the correct size!

3.  Always hang art with the center at eye level.  My personal rule of thumb is 4-6″ above the piece of furniture it is hanging above.

4.  If you don’t want to use one large piece of art, consider creating a gallery wall of smaller prints grouped together to take the place of one large piece.  Make sure the frames have a consistency to them and the combination of prints fill the same amount of space that one large piece would have.

5.  The only rule in collecting and displaying art – is that there are no hard and fast rules.  Buy what you love, what makes you happy when you look at it and what reflects the design of your space.


Interior Designer, Olivia Smith, from Traditions says you can choose an original piece of art that is meaningful to you, or go with a reproduction/print to save money. Traditions, like most home & furnishings stores in town, has a wide range of great original and print options.

She recommends choosing colors from a piece of art to pull accent colors from pillows or accessories. Art doesn’t necessarily have to match the room; just coordinate with it.

When hanging your piece of art, Olivia suggests it should be 4-5 inches above a sofa, a few inches off a chest and the right scale for the piece it is going above.

Oversized art is great for a wall with no furniture.

Small pieces of art can be grouped together to create interest and so that they don’t get lost on a wall.

More art from Traditions:

Little River Art Group set of 4
IMAX Handmade Paper in Acrylic Box $715.00 Each
Set of 4 Iris $1,575.00
Tension Studies set of 2 $1,725.00
Scape 357 $945.00
Set of 2 Orbit $1,725.00


You can find art works in many of our favorite home, furniture and decorating shops, like these pieces from Bedside Manor which is now carrying art.

Each piece is hand painted and is carved in raised relief, capturing extraordinary detail and dimension. $465
We are now stocking a large variety of wall art for every style!
Wall Stars- $298-375
Framed and matted Abstract Nudes 33 x 33 Limited Edition- $398
Framed Giclee ​Images – 17 x 17 Exclusive Collection – $175

Art in store at Front Door Fabrics right now:



ABODE always has fantastic art. Some we’ve loved lately at Abode are:

Windy O’ Connor

Windy O’Connor