I’m a photo stylist, trend watcher + interior designer. My blog, BeSoStyle, is where I share my take on current design trends and share my latest style inspirations. Recently I took on my first hot yoga experience. In the midst of chaturangas, I learned a few lessons that have me reflecting on life + career pursuits… lessons that I think are really relevant to blogging + home design … so I just had to share a few thoughts about how yoga gives us perspective on life + design …


“Where the eye goes, the energy flows” …the words of our yogi are still resonating in my mind. What we focus on is where our energy will take us. Our intention will drive us, move us, lead us. In yoga, the act of setting an intention is a dedication. It’s a way to take your yoga practice beyond your mat and into your lifestyle. Having a focus is key in yoga + life. Lately I’ve realized how important it is to have focus + intent in the areas I want to grow, whether personally or professionally.

Focus is also an important element in design. Focus, having a focal point, is what draws your eye to what’s important, in an art composition or in a room interior. Consider your current design project and ask yourself, “Where’s my focus?” Sometimes we have to edit, take away in order to bring the the focal point into focus. There are so many parallels. What do you need to edit in your interior? in your life?


Perhaps what’s most evident in yoga + in life, is when we are out of balance. The practice of grounding your feet in position, having a specific stature + rhythm allow you to find your balance on the mat. In life, it can be more complicated… learning to balance self care, parenthood, career, relationships. It requires grounding too, and sometimes starting over. It requires flexibility and forgiveness, of self and others. In design + interior spaces, balance too brings peace + room-to-breathe.

What are you balancing lately? What ways do you need to ground yourself? I don’t know about you, but I feel like I’m on a constant quest for balance. I crave it. If you have any secrets, share your thoughts in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


In yoga the movements between poses, or vinyases, keep the flow of movement going. The poses, motions and transitions build flexibility, strength and momentum. For some reason, my favorite move this weekend was rising up on my toes in downward dog and then jumping to the front of the mat. It dawned on me that the movement of my toes rising allowed me the momentum to jump rather than walk. Similarly, in life lately, I’ve seen how one move, even a small one, can build momentum toward more and more progress.

I have been wanting to build my blog + brand for a quite some time, but lately with a little focus, I’ve made some moves to begin to make it happen. Slowly, but surely I’m moving. How about you, what moves are you making to give yourself momentum? Here’s to those moves taking us to new + exciting places!

Thanks for taking the time to read my yoga reflections on life + interior style.



Photographer credit: Etsy Art Images via Etsy

Patti Borrelli