Summer is almost here Charlotte.  Are you ready?  Are you set?  Just go!  Run that is.

Okay, slow down you say.  Maybe you aren’t quite ready to hit the pavement. No problem. OrthoCarolina has compiled THE must-go-read with everything you need to know to get started including information on:

  • Starting with a run-walk approach 
  • Focusing on easy running and aerobic endurance
  • Deciding if you want to try a race

Check it out here.


So, now you’re ready to run? Not so fast. Do you have the right kicks? OrthoCarolina’s Running Page gives you all the guidelines to make sure you choose the best running shoe. 

Things to consider:

  • Foot type
  • posture
  • natural bony alignment
  • running style 
  • running goals

Read more here and make the right choice.



Now that those shoes are on tight…get registered and you’re off.

Here’s an all-inclusive Charlotte (and surrounding) area race calendar:

Highlights include:

And here’s a state-by-state list of the Best 50 Races Nationwide, Year Round.

Finally, as you plan out your summer of run-fun, you might be planning on setting goals to increase your mileage.

Here are some tips and guidance from an OrthoCarolina Physical Therapist on how to do it safely.