Life is busy. Don’t we all wish we could clone ourselves so we can just get it all done? We need one of us at the soccer field, another at work, one at the grocery store, another helping with homework, someone to handle the volunteering, another cooking dinner and you get it… the list is endless.

We’d all be so much more productive if we had clones, right? We would be able to have the time to do what we want and spend the time with those we love. Worry no more. We have a solution to this problem. No, we don’t know some whacky scientist who can actually clone you, but we do have METRO’S OTHER WOMAN.


Metro’s Other Woman is YOUR “other woman,” your own personal assistant so to speak. She takes over all the tasks you don’t have the time or ability to do. Office needs, Household chores, Personal Errands, Event Planning, Organization, Bookkeeping and more. How many times have you said that there are not enough hours in the day to get it all done? The pressures of work and family can be so demanding on a daily basis, and it’s plain and simple, we just need more of us and/or more time. Metro’s Other Woman can’t add more hours on the clock, but they can provide the assistance.

Did you know that you can hire your very own personal assistant? Yes, you can. It could be temporary or permanent. It’s whatever YOU want and/or need. Here are some things your very own personal assistant can do…

  • laundry
  • errands
  • picking up around the house/light cleaning
  • organization
  • pick up kids
  • meal prep
  • party planning and hosting
  • holiday help
  • travel planning
  • scheduling
  • vendor management

Right now Metro’s Other Woman has a SCOOP special for our readers: Try and Buy Deal ~ Try 2 hours and Get 2 FREE (new clients only)

Don’t wait, call and schedule now as these personal assistants will book quickly this season. Now all y’all will have plenty of time for all those other things life has to offer.



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Serving the Greater Charlotte area and Raleigh

Opening soon in many more cities.

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