Why do we all love staying in hotels? The top 2 answers, hands down, are room service and maid service. This is why I enjoy every aspect of a vacation. No beds to make and no bathrooms to clean. Hungry? Just pick up the phone and touch one digit and voila breakfast is served. What if you could live like this every day in your own home? Ritz Carlton Aruba

Photo Courtesy of Ritz Carlton Aruba

Let’s imagine that the alarm goes off (the real wake up call), you get out of bed, scurry around getting dressed, perhaps toss in a load of laundry, whip up some  breakfast, get out the door and head to work for your am meeting…. leaving your home like a tornado went through it. At the end of the day you pick up the dry cleaning (big presentation in the morning, thank goodness for sticky notes), collect the children, start the carpooling to all their activities and finally get home after 7pm.   Only this time, you  come home to clean dishes, made beds, folded laundry and sparkling bathroom mirrors. You’re thinking pinch me, this can’t possibly be true, but it is ~ this is the new Metro’s Other Woman’s VIP Hotel Service Package.

This new package provides the quality of service you would receive at a 5~star hotel, and was created for clients looking for daily maintenance. The VIP Hotel Service Package is perfect for anyone who leaves the house at dawn and returns home after dark… working moms, traveling execs, those of us who head straight from the office to a dinner meeting, happy hour or the gym and just don’t have the time to do the day to day cleaning.

The cost starts at $20 a day and depends on location, size of home and number of people residing in the home. A senior supervisor will visit your home at no charge and assess your needs to provide a custom quote. Options such as dog walking and other traditional home care services are also available as add-ons.

This VIP Hotel Service Package is launching April 1st in the Charlotte and Raleigh Triangle area, and it will be available to a limited number of homes. Metro’s Other Woman is currently accepting appointments, and our scoop readers get the first opportunity to make their reservation for a free consultation. Make yours and see what Metro’s Other Woman can do for you today.

*Although we can’t promise breakfast in bed, who knows you may find chocolates on your pillow. Madam, your room (ahem), your house is ready!  

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