So, you know what daylight savings time means, right? It’s time to put away the coats and boots and take out those brooms and buckets. Yes, it’s time for SPRING CLEANING! Something in the air makes us want our homes spick~and~span (adjective: 1:fresh, brand-new 2: spotlessly clean) from top to bottom. We’re not talking about the usual dusting and vacuuming, we’re talking the dreaded deep cleaning. This is the kind that starts at the crown molding and goes all the way down to the base boards and every nook and cranny in between. Don’t get too excited now. The thought of this process can be overwhelming, but Metro’s Other Woman can seriously save the day.

metro's other woman spring cleaningMetro’s Other Woman has a licensed and insured staff ready to help moms with busy schedules, working gals or busy executives. Whether you need a housekeeper or have a housekeeper, you can hire MOW to tackle all these areas that you (or your regular house cleaner) can’t or don’t want to. Many of Metro’s Other Woman’s clients have beautiful, clean homes, and weekly housekeepers too, but many don’t or are not able to climb in high places or get down and dirty. When was your chandelier last cleaned? Each crystal? Seriously, they do that.

Ceiling fans, grout, air vents, windows… no problem. Take a look at this extensive list in their HOME DETAILING PACKAGE to see some of the other things they take care of…


-Remove all cobwebs from ceilings and corners

-Dust all ceiling fans and light fixtures with extender duster

-Dust or clean blinds, window sills and wash windows (inside glass only)

-Dust or clean baseboards, doors and frames and all other wood work

-Wash light switch plates and outlets covers

-Dust lampshades and light bulbs

-Vacuum upholstery, remove cushions

-Vacuum and/or mop floors, including corners and where carpet meets the wall.

-Change air filter (if client provides filter) and clean screen


-Wipe outside all kitchen appliances (includes polishing stainless steel)

-Clean inside microwave, toaster oven and ONE of the following: inside refrigerator, inside oven

-Clean the outside of cabinets in the kitchen


-Bleach tile grout in showers and shower heads

-Clean glass shower door

-Shine sink faucets and knobs, chrome around the shower

-Wipe down the outside of bathroom cabinets

-Wash toilets, including inside, bowl, top, and where bolts are located


-Vacuum mattress top and change bedding

The list is endless, and the best part is that you get to make it. What’s better than that? Check out this special just for our readers…

Scoop readers can take $50 off their Home Detailing Package if you book by 4/15.

What are you waiting for? Call for a consultation now and check out this list for more of their housekeeping services and glowing testimonials. What’s Metro’s Other Woman going to do for you?

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Opening soon in many more cities.

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