We all know that April 15th is right around the corner, and the shoe boxes filled with receipts are overflowing.  Not to mention those new 2014 files that haven’t yet been created (and it’s basically March).

Office life can be just as hectic as home life, and it’s easy to get behind on the big projects when faced with the day to day tasks at hand.

Don’t fret!  Metro’s Other Woman is ready to rescue you.   Besides organization, housekeeping, event planning, errand running, pet sitting and so much more… they specialize in business administrative services. They are available for a single project like tax prep or setting up Quickbooks or multiple “must do” projects.  Take a look at the long list below and see how MOW can get your office/work life running efficiently so you can work on that well balanced relationship with work and home life.

metro's other woman admin









-appointment scheduling

-home & office filing set up and maintenance

-calendar maintenance

-data entry / bookkeeping (invoicing)

-errands (mail runs, office supply pick up, lunch orders)

-researching vendors

-negotiating pricing

-project managing

-answering phones

-preparing contracts, paperwork

-proofreading, editing

-receipt management

-photo scanning

-moving from hard files to cloud

-assist with website design, blogging, social media

-paperwork management

If you are wondering who uses Metro’s Other Woman’s services, most of their clients are small businesses who book between 4-20 hrs week.  For example, one client uses MOW for 8 hours a week in general office help,  including answering calls, scheduling consults, entering in new clients, updating invoices, paying bills, setting up and managing social media.   Another client uses 5 hours a week for bookkeeping, data entry thru quickbooks, scheduling social media posts and creating new content on a WordPress blog.  Typical clients are contractors, realtors, business coaches, retail shops, and interior designers.

 One of the BIG advantages you might not realize is that when you hire staff through Metro’s Other Woman  you don’t pay taxes, insurance, etc. MOW manages the staff and takes care of the liability and taxes.

And you can staff up as little or as much as needed, and change your usage as needed.   Once they get you set up and organized, you can move to a maintenance plan, as their only minimum is that you must book 3 hrs per visit.

Let Metro’s Other Woman take some projects off of your to do list this month.  Call them now to find out how they can help.  And don’t forget the scoop-exclusive deal:

 **SCOOP READERS book during the month of March and get your first 2hrs free! ($50 value)**



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