by Lauren Blake

We're not the only ones who swear by it

How’s your resolution working out? Have you set your alarm clock an extra hour early to get in that morning session? And, are you fending off carbs like they’re the plague while ditching your daily latte for black coffee? We’re just two weeks into January and the monotonous task of shedding pounds before bikini season is already getting old.

Thanks to the folks over at Flywheel Sports, your perfect figure is bound to show after six weeks of the Flybarre Challenge. Though we’re not going to say it’s just that easy (as we certainly do not underestimate the power of thigh burning and abdomen shakes) we will promise that you’ll love the results you’ll see at the end of the challenge. Intrigued? Interested? Want in? Here are the deets:

6-week program (4 classes per week plus workshops)

-Dates: January 21-March 4

Kick-off Party (January 20th 4 p.m.) Receive a FLY goodie bag and a calendar of events. Also, have your initial measurements taken and meet your team leader to set personal goals.

-Cost: Current unlimited members $150; Non-members $500 (Includes 24 Flybarre credits that never expire!)

-Track your body fat analysis and measurements during the process (you decide if you’d like measurements taken weekly or at the beginning and end of challenge only).

-Receive weekly emails to keep you motivated.

-Optional: Have your photo taken at the beginning and end of the challenge.

-Includes a Q&A nutrition workshop with a certified counselor as well as an abdominal, thigh and seat workshop.

-Mix it up with a camaraderie challenge and take a Flywheel cycle class with your challenge-mates.

Flywheel Sports
Conveniently located in Cotswold and Blakeney.
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