What Makes A Good Submission for scoopcharlotte and scoopthelake?

A well-written contribution that appeals to upscale women in Charlotte.

Things to always include in any submission:

1. Your Information: Your Company Name/Your Name

2.Your Website. We want to give you credit for your work!

3. Your Social Handles.

4. Images: 4-8 images that best represent your submission topic. We need individual images (jpgs only) at least 800 pixels wide and no larger than 750KB to accommodate our site width. The site will NOT accept images larger than 750KB, and your submission may be lost if you load images larger than this. You can use picresize.com to size your images appropriately prior to upload.

Express photo credit must be provided, and copyrighted images will not be accepted without a photo release. Certain photographers spend their time searching for copyright violations as that is their main source of income (e.g. Getty images), and we do not want to violate their creative licensing. scoopcharlotte and scoopthelake take no responsibility if you misuse someone else’s work in these submissions.



Scoop Charlotte requires unique, unpublished content for outside contributions. While we are happy to help you build and promote your personal blog, if your submission has been published on another local news site or media, it’s a no go. And even content replicated from your blog should be edited for scoop users and to avoid the appearance of plagarism on our part.

Submit your contribution below. Please note, you will only be contacted if your submission is accepted for publication on Scoop.

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  • Images

    Max file size 800KB. All photos must be at least 800px wide and in .jpg or .png format. If you need to resize your images, use picresize.com.
  • Include link to youtube or vimeo.
  • Social Media