Our Scoop Find of the Month. Design your perfect shoes at Shoes of Prey.com

| January 30, 2013

Why didn’t we think of this? You are plenty smart enough, and you know we both love shoes more than wine and chocolate.

Shoes of Prey is a website where you design your own shoes, picking out each element from a broad range of options.  It’s very easy, the hardest part is the picking.  You use their 3D Designer to choose the shape, colors and height of your shoes….you start by selecting from 12 shoe shapes – including ballet flats, stilettos, sandals, oxfords and wedges.

Then you pick out what kind of “toe” – like peep toe or rounded – and what kind of back – like slingback or d’orsay.

After whic h you choose your heel – do you want stiletto?  Wedge? square heel?  And how high are your dream shoes?  2-3-4 inch heels?
Next, if you are going to prom or are in a wedding, you would pick out the toe and back decorations.  Just kidding, you can have bows on your toes even if you aren’t.  I just recommend you use with caution.  You can add a Mary Jane strap and top-stitching if you want, and then it’s time to pick your color(s) and your fabric(s).

Now it gets really hard to choose.  I counted over 160 different materials and colors to choose from, ranging from the expected smooth leather, suede & patent to vegan, fishskin, snakeskin, silk, and hair.  And you can mix and match like crazy, changing color or texture on your heel, toe, trim and SOLE.  Really, it’s fun just to play with the designer even if you never make a purchase.

Shoes of Prey can be ordered to address special issues and occasions, like for weddings, Small feet, Narrow feet, Wide feet, even Odd sized feet.   The prices run between $220 and $370 a pair, and their return policy is very generous and pretty much risk free.

You can check out each type of leather or fabric in detail on this webpage.  This is actually a MUST DO, as I found the colors in the leather detail page to be different from what I was looking at on the CAD “designer.”  You can even order samples to be shipped to you  ($15 for 5) so you can see exactly what you are dealing with.  Which is probably a good idea, if these are to be your dream shoes and all.

I hope you enjoy visiting this website as much as I have writing about it.  I can’t wait to get finished with this blog post and get started designing my new Perfect Shoes.


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