Nelly’s Naturals now open in Blacklion Dilworth

| January 16, 2013

by Leigh Ann Young

Inside the new Blacklion in Dilworth you will find Nelly’s Naturals.  Her store may be new,   but Nelly isn’t new to the business.    Hellen “Nelly” Vassilion is a pastry chef and entrepreneur and this is her latest  adventure.

Nelly’s Naturals offers a grab and go selection of healthy, vegan, gluten free, vegetarian and 100% organic foods.

I’m going to level with you.  In my opinion, most baked goods I have tasted with the label “vegan” and “gluten free”  would rate somewhere between cardboard and saw dust, but not these.  The baked goods are “Ridicu-licious” as her signs say.  I was skeptical.  Thank goodness Nelly provides samples because I tried the Vegan Carrot Cake and LOVED it!  It took her two years to perfect the recipe.  Nelly says, “When you use organic ingredients, the natural flavors are so enhanced that I do not want to masque them, so I cut down on fats and sugars in all my recipes”.

The sample table is filled with a selection of baked goods, cookies, and salads.  Come on by and try some.

One of the best sellers is the Italian Walnut Cookie.  It melts in your mouth–delish! The packaging makes it attractive enough to give as a gift.

Sweet Tarts by Nelly include Apricot Almond, Apple, and Raspberry name a few. I think they are too pretty to eat.

Organic Grape Preserves to spread on gluten-free bread  Three words not normally used in the same sentence, describing the same thing… decadent, delicious and healthy.

Muscadine Grape Juice grown in North Carolina.  Muscadines are sweet and fragrant, but most importantly they contain the cholesterol lowering nutrient, reservatrol. It’s a healthy alternative to the traditional grape juice. My relatives made wine from muscadines, but that’s a story for another day.

Organic  soaps, lotions, spices and tea are beautifully packaged.

Because sometimes the only thing a girl wants is a candy bar…..

There is a Catering Menu too offering breakfast, lunch and dinner selections. Special orders and request are welcome. So make your next event a healthy one with Nelly’s Naturals!


Nelly’s Naturals
Dilworth Blacklion
1408-C East Blvd
Charlotte, NC
Mon-Sat 10-6   Sun 1-6

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