How to deal with winter’s dry skin. It doesn’t involve drinking water. But it does involve a discount.

| January 6, 2013

by Susu Bear

First, I move back to New Orleans.  The humidity is wonderful for the skin, and no offense, but the food is better.

Since that’s not actually an option, here’s what I do to moisturize my Saraha dry skin. (I’m pretty sure my bottom lip has been chapped since the early ’80s).  Despite what we hear constantly about drinking 8+ glasses a day of H2O, it’s not the water going IN that matters to your dry skin.  It’s the lack of water in the air outside that counts.  Apparently, there’s not much science to show that you can re-hydrate from the inside – out with water.  I know we’ve read that it does, over and over.  But apparently, not so much at all for the outer layer of skin.  I swear, google it.

Even though I’m sure we should drink lots of water for overall health, there are other steps to help your skin from getting too dry and to rehydrate it.  Here’s what I do:

1.  Turn on the humidifier in our bedroom.  It’s a must whenever the HVAC is running full throttle.

2.  Take evening primrose or flaxseed oil supplements.  Sometimes I toss in an Omega 3 for overkill.

3.  Cut back on the alcohol.

4.  Take shorter showers and avoid long, hot baths completely.  (For the record, it’s easier for me to give up dessert than hot baths).

5.  Moisturize the minute you towel off, when your skin contains the max amount of water it’ll have all day – from the shower.

6.  Avoid soaps that strip your skin.  I love the Oh My Soap “Litsea Olive Oil Soap” handmade in Newton NC that Blacklion Dilworth sells.  And I only use Shu Uemura cleansing oils on my face, have for years.  Gets all make up off, cleans my skin, rinses right off, very softening.  Unfortunately, Shu Uemura is now only sold online for the US, so that may be a bridge too far.

For something closer to home, I asked scoop client Charlotte Skin & Laser for their reco’s on products to help with winter’s dry skin, and here’s what they suggest:

–Use gentle cleanser and avoid on arms, legs. Try CeraVe cleanser, Cetaphil Restoraderm or Avene Trixera+ body wash.

–Moisturize your skin with a thick cream immediately following a bath or shower. Elta moisturizer in the big red tub is a favorite among staff and patients.

–For really dry skin, moisturize with Avene Cold Cream body lotion at nighttime.

–For cracked skin, apply Elta moisturizer, Aquaphor or vaseline.  (We love Aquaphor in the Bear household.  I’ve also used A&D ointment, which works great but smells medicinal).

–For chapped lips, try Avene Cold Cream lip cream.  I do love this stuff.

What are your favorite products to keep winter skin at bay? Comment below and let us all know!

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