FUR and FEATHERS are flying.

| September 7, 2011

If you have been waiting to buy something fur or faux fur, you have waited long enough.  This is THE season for fur vests, fur toppers, fur trimmed everything.  Ranging from the ridiculous to the sublime, furry looks are everywhere.

And for those of you who have been swathed in fur for the past several years, get you some feathers ON.  While it will be hard to snag this EPIC feathered bag from ANGEL JACKSON 2009, you can sport feathered earrings, necklaces, even ornament your jeans with feathers this year. Pics below of what we found at the boutiques around town.

If shopping for trends at the MALL stores is more your style, here’s a link to our round-up on Fur and Feathers at South Park Mall.

The Pink Hanger has both Fur vests and Feather Earrings in, as do bevello stores.

her therapy in Ballantyne has faux fur (Trina Turk) and rabbit fur (Franzia) in some adorable looks.  Their store window is pretty much a Festival In Fur.

SLOAN has an entire rack of fur vests and jackets.  Faux and rabbit fur, priced between $250 and $500.

Coral boutique has what is certainly the city’s finest collection of feathered earrings and necklaces.  These feathered bobs do not look like you made them yourself after a tript to Orvis.  (don’t laugh.  it’s being done left & right even as we speak.)  Just as everything at Coral, these are classy, eclectic and unique designer takes on the feather trend.  If you visit Coral’s facebook page to check out their new fall, be sure to FAN them, as they are giving away a $150 gc when they reach 1,000 fans.

Feather Earrings at TPH

Faux Fur Vest TPH

Faux Fur Vest at TPH

feather necklace at bevello

feather necklace at bevello

faux fur vest at bevello

trina turk fur vest at her therapy $288

trina turk faux fur jacket at her therapy $318

Franzia Hooded rabbit fur vest at her therapy $318

franzia grey rabbit vest at her therapy $288

feather necklace at Coral

feathers on your jeans at Coral

freeravin earrings at Coral

freeravin earrings at Coral

Feathery Fur Trimmed Louboutin at COPLONS


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  1. Holly Ham says:

    There are a few fur vests at Coplons that are FAB!!!!! They are my favorite at this point, as well as, vary in price point.

    • susu says:

      thanks for the scoop Holly! As one of the QC’s top stylists and shoppers, I know you know where to find the best!

  2. Tina says:

    Our stylists have been putting rooster feathers in hair since the Spring! They are fun and flirty and now to see them on clothing and accessories is hot! Glad to see the trend is still going, we just got a new shipment in last week. The roosters are sure to be all plucked this winter!